Counseling and Therapy Services

Counseling and therapy services are designed to get results. Your therapist will work closely with you on a plan to reach your unique goals. You will also learn powerful tools to help manage stress, anxiety, anger and depression. It is possible to have fulfilling relationships, achieve your goals and get your needs met.

Through the process of individual therapy you’ll gain the skills needed to live a more balanced life and have more rewarding relationships. Our therapists have the training needed to help you make positive changes.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy focuses on helping you with emotional, psychological and behavioral problems by helping to identify the underlying causes and triggers. They provide treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mind/body counseling and insight oriented approaches to help alleviate symptoms such as anxiety and depression and also help you learn new ways of responding and behaving in difficult situations so you can enjoy more success in life. Your therapist can also help you clarify your personal goals and improve your motivation to reach your goals.

A few things counseling and therapy can help with:

  • Exploring major decisions in your personal or professional life such as a career change
  • Changing negative or destructive patterns
  • Learning how to be more assertive
  • Becoming more skillful at managing your anger
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Working to decrease the negative effects of past trauma (both small and large)
    • Loss of a loved one or beloved pet
    • Divorce, infidelity and other relationship distrubances
    • Loss of job, financial strain
    • Life threatening events such as assualt, serious accidents, terminal illness, other devastating events

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You may want to talk to a counselor if you notice:

  • Relationships with others are suffering
  • Feelings of depression, sadness and tearfulness are interfering with life
  • Increased levels of anxiety or worry
  • Continuous feelings of pessimism, guilt, or worthlessness
  • You're having trouble making desired changes in your work or personal life

In addition to individual counseling, we also offer couple’s counseling.