Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy

Our counselors are highly skilled in marriage counseling and couples therapy. You'll learn new ways to resolve conflict, gain powerful habits to ensure you are treated well in your relationship and re-establish a loving and trusting bond with your partner.

Most couples we meet have a deep committed love for each other and are searching for ways to solve the problems that crop up in their lives. We help our clients break destructive communication patterns that are keeping them stuck and help them to gain a deeper understanding of one another.

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Let’s face it- all couples argue!

The problem really isn’t that you and your partner disagree but how you disagree. If you have the same arguments without making the progress you'd hoped for, counseling can help you take a fresh look at how you interact and begin to make changes to transform your relationship.

Common roadblocks in relationships are:

  • Fighting to win rather than working together for a solution that works for both of you
  • Bottling up feelings to avoid a confrontation
  • Taking personal jabs at each other instead of putting energy into resolving the issue at hand
  • Refusing to take personal responsibility for your role in creating the problem
  • Discounting each other's feelings and needs

If you're ready to learn effective ways to resolve conflict and are ready to put in some personal effort you can improve your relationship. Counseling is a great tool for helping couples break bad habits and resolve past problems once and for all.

In addition to couple’s counseling, we also offer individual counseling.