Postpartum Expectations for US Moms May Be Too High

I have the unique opportunity to meet with new moms regularly and talk with them about their postpartum experiences. Over and over again I hear these amazing women grappling with feelings of overwhelm and inadequacy in the days (yes days) and weeks following the birth of their baby. They're still recovering physically and yet they feel they are falling down on the job. They express feeling like they don't get enough done during the day or that they feel like other moms are doing a better job at things. Many put a high emphasis on losing the baby weight as soon as possible and begin a workout routine even while their bodies are in recovery. I can't help but recognize this as an extension of our American culture. Societal expectations may be exacerbating the normal adjustment to motherhood and creating additional suffering for new moms. This wonderful article says it all so well. Definitely worth reading.